Blankets of Love South Bay ‘Give’ and ‘Take’
November 14, 2016
How Does one Recover From the Death of a Child Due to Addiction?
February 4, 2017

Hi to all my wonderful supporters,
Today, November 15th, close to the Thanksgiving holiday, we had 7 people at the knitting/crochet session at Jocelyn Center today.  I seriously thought I might be the only one there but 6 more came.  I am so honored by the support.  And all of us enjoy the time together and the conversation.  I had several tell me, ‘thank you for doing this – it’s fun!”, and it is.  We are all ‘strangers’ that have come together for a good cause and as a result, we have formed a nice friendship.  I welcome all to come and sit and knit, crochet or just talk.  This is truly a wonderful group and the time passes so quickly.  The loss of my son Justin, has brought me close to new people that I call ‘friends’.  What a gift he has given me.  I am so thankful!  I am blessed beyond measure.

HUGS to all.

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