November 17, 2016

Short and Thankful

Hi to all my wonderful supporters, Today, November 15th, close to the Thanksgiving holiday, we had 7 people at the knitting/crochet session at Jocelyn Center today.  I seriously thought I might be the only one there but 6 more came.  I am so honored by the support.  And all of us enjoy the time together and the conversation.  I had several tell me, ‘thank you for doing this – it’s fun!”, and it is.  We are all ‘strangers’ that have come together for a good cause and as a result, we have formed a nice friendship.  I welcome all to […]
November 14, 2016

Blankets of Love South Bay ‘Give’ and ‘Take’

Today, November 10th, was a really great day.  Blankets of Love South Bay had both a ‘give’ and a ‘take’.  First of all, I drove down to the mid-Wilshire area early in the morning to get a tour of Baby2Baby and donate 15 amazing blankets to them as well as Fritizi Jackson’s really cute handmade animals.  Baby2Baby can be looked up on line but just being there I could feel the vibe of people who care and an urgency to get things done.  The ‘store front’ is located on Wilshire Blvd. just east of Beverly Hills.  They are supportive of […]